About MMC

MMC Inc.has a reputation for quality service in the petro-chemical, chemical, power plant paper mill, packaging, beverage, food, paper box, can and high rise building industries. Our company has the expertise and capability to repair and rebuild all types of rotating equipment, our fast response with quality workman-ship means less down time and extended life for your pumps, steam turbines, cen-trifugal and reciprocating compressors, blowers, variable drives, mixers, finfans, and other rotating equipment.

Our precision machining to manufacture shafts, sleeves, liners, impeller, bearing housing, wear rings, line bearings and other components to bring your equipment to original condition. We calibrate all parts to tolerances that equal or better than original specification. Our welding, balancing and machining fac-ilities insure that the equipment will operate as it was designed or better.

MMC capabilities

MMC Inc.specializes in conversion to mechanical seals, and we are experience-ed in designing and installing double and tandem cartridge seals for low parts per million (P.P.M.) leakage. We also provide consultants to assist you in selecting property designed equipment for your needs.

Public Work

Installation of pumps, Installation of wet well, Develop Gas Wells, Replace storm drain, Install new sewer line, installation of standby generator, Power plant demolition, Re-build & overhaul hot and chilled water heat exchanger, Replacement of septic tanks, Installation of Man holes, Const. of Booster pump station, Install SCR Catalysts gas fueled power plants, Replacement of old exhaust fans, Structural Repair of Out Fall, Re-locating portable bldg., Const. of new building site, grading, landscape, Manufacture and installation of Hatch Covers, Remove, Rebuild and Re-Install Cooling Tower, pipes, VFD, Installation of Elevators, Ventilation Improvements and valves.


Industrial Services

Precision Machining, Rotating equipment sales and service center Quality Overhauling: pumps, steam turbines, compressor, blowers, high speed blowers, mixers, variable drives, fin-fans, mechanical seals, and other rotating equipment


MMC projects

MMC Inc. stocks most materials and pump parts-in-house. Our commitment to excellent quality service is a number one goal. We encourage you to make MMC your choice for equipment repair, field service, on-site installation, replacement parts, and precision machining.


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